Sommerville House, Whitton

In 2016 to 2018 KRONEN worked with Wimshurst Pelleriti on Richmond Housing Partnership’s proposals for “Sommerville House” in the Whitton area of Twickenham / Richmond.

The proposals sought to provide 21 × residential sheltered care units (8 × 2-bedroom unit and 13 × 1-bedroom units) for over 55 year olds. The proposal also included numerous communal and garden spaces for a small kitchen / café, library and multipurpose spaces for wellbeing activities.

The proposal included no off-street car parking but did allow for scooters.

The proposal was supported by KRONEN’s Transport Statement.

The London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames’ planning reference was “16/3506”.

The application was unanimously approved at LBR planning committee towards the end of 2018.

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