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Approved Hotel, Hull

KRONEN were sub-contracted to provide travel planning services for a hotel development in Hull town centre. Hotel proposals were approved at Hull City Council planning committee in October 2019. The proposals comprise of: 105 × bedroom hotel, 5 × serviced apartments, 1 × hotel bar / cafe / restaurant, 1 × banquet hall. The proposals had heavily restrained parking provisions. The Travel Plan was prepared in accordance with current web-based best practice guidance for example Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government’s National Planning Practice Guidance: Travel plans, transport assessments and statements and with published guidance such as Good Practice Guidelines: “Delivering Travel Plans through the Planning Process” (DCLG & DfT, 2009). (Image: Re:Design Architecture Limited.)

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The General, Bristol

An important part of travel planning is providing ‘nudges’ at ‘life changing’ points of people’s lives (as highlighted in the most recent transport White Paper ‘Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon – Making Sustainable Local Transport Happen’ (DfT, 2011)). One important ‘nudge’ is influencing travel behaviour by providing people with information about sustainable travel options when they move home or change job. KRONEN were appointed to do this by preparing new residents’ Sustainable Travel Packs for City & Country’s new developments. An example of this is City & Country’s development ‘The General’ in Bristol. The General’s Sustainable Travel Packs provided concise and engaging information and were well received by City & County and Bristol City Council.

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