Appeal Successes – Transport Technical Notes – Uxbridge, Hillingdon

Following an approved prior approval application for 6 × 1-bedroom dwellings at 44 Waterloo Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2QX (in the London Borough of Hillingdon), Kronen were asked to help amend / remove the planning condition requiring 3 × off-street parking spaces by section 73 planning application to LB Hillingdon and by section 78 appeal.

Kronen prepared a Transport Technical Note covering the following topics for the application and appeal:

  • Background parking conditions
  • Public transport conditions
  • Local car ownership
  • Adopted development plan parking policies
  • Parking impact
  • Planning conditions test

The LB Hillingdon section 73 planning application reference was 1654/APP/2018/2235.

This application was eventually escalated to appeal on non determination grounds.

Both the section 73 application appeal and the section 78 appeal were allowed by the Planning Inspectorate; PINS references APP/R5510/W/18/3209252 and APP/R5510/W/18/3204262 respectively.

The approvals were very satisfying given the complex and technical nature of the arguments and justifications required.

Please contact Kronen Limited using either or 020 8541 1139 if you need a Transport Technical Note for a site in Hillingdon.