Approved Application in Surrey Supported by KRONEN’s Parking Survey

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council (with Surrey County Council as transport / highways authority) approve a new dwelling with restrained parking in Burgh Heath Tadworth.

The application was supported by KRONEN’s Parking Survey report carried out in accordance with the “Lambeth Methodology” (‘Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note‘ (Lambeth Council, 2012)).

KRONEN’s Parking Survey report assessed the potential for overspill parking and associated parking impact and justified the proposal in accordance with Development Plan policies and National Planning Policy Framework (MHCLG, 2019).

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council planning reference was “21/03084/F”. The description was “Erection of a new dwelling (end of terrace)”. The application site was 34 Ballards Green Burgh Heath Tadworth Surrey KT20 6DA.

The Parking Survey and parking impact was a key transport consideration when the application was being determined as evidenced by the officer’s delegated report which stated:

“It is noted that the donor property and the new dwelling would be provided with one car parking space each. Annexe 4 and TAP1 of the DMP state that two car parking spaces are required for each property as the site is within a low sustainability area. However, the applicant has provided a parking survey of the surrounding area in relation to on street parking. It is important to note that the parking survey states that there would not be a significant issue in using on-street parking as follows:

“Surveys have been undertaken with reference to procedures outlined in “Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note” (Lambeth Council, 2012), also known as the “Lambeth Methodology”, the most established / used parking survey methodology. Survey results show a moderate to high 77% parking stress with a reserve parking capacity of approximately 15 spaces in the area during overnight conditions when residents would be expected to be home and parked up for the night. As a worst case this overspill demand (for up to 2 × overspill parked cars on-street) and the off-site

highway works (to create a new dropped kerb) would increase parking stress from 77% (51 cars parked ÷ 66 parking spaces) to 82% (53 cars parked ÷ 65 parking spaces). In transport planning terms, as a general rule of thumb 90% figures are considered critical or at “operational capacity”.

 Both existing and projected worst case parking stress levels are below critical or at operational capacity levels. Given the modest nature of proposals, a new 2-bedroom dwelling, and based on the above the proposal’s on- street parking impact is minimal / likely to be insignificant and proposals are considered acceptable in this.”

It is considered therefore that justification has been provided in regard to the short fall of on street parking and therefore the proposal complies with policy TAP1.”

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