Last month Ealing Council approved an application for the change of use of parts of Buildings “A” and “B” within the wider Copley Close Estate regeneration project.

These buildings are under construction as part of “Phase 6 (Copley Castle Bar)” works of the Copley Close Estate regeneration project (following the approval of application “172235FUL”). The Phase 6 works deliver 200 plus dwellings, community facilities and commercial units.

The recently approved application was for the change of use of parts of Buildings “A” and “B” related to a commercial unit.

The change of use application sought a change from retail to a sui generis use to provide space for Ealing Council Services relocating from Council offices at Perceval House.

Ealing Council’s planning application reference was “215935FUL”.

The formal description was: “Change of use of retail space (use class E) to Sui Generis (Office) use for a combination of LB Ealing Council Services and Operations within Block B; change of use of void space to Sui Generis use to provide site-wide welfare facilities and server room within Block A”.

The planning application was supported by KRONEN’s Transport Statement.

The Transport Statement report set out the existing site, planning history, the site’s accessibility using sustainable transport modes, the adjoining highway network, the proposals, the proposal’s parking and access, transport impact and integration with planning policy and guidance.

(Images: Hunters)

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