Approved School Additional Resource Provision ARP Application and Transport Statement in West Ealing

Ealing Council recently granted permission for the creation of a new Additional Resource Provision (ARP) unit for children with Special Education Needs (SEN). The ARP unit will involve creating 3 × classrooms and associated spaces. The ARP unit will cater for 24 pupils and 9 members of staff.

The application site was land at the existing Fielding Primary School, Wyndham Road, Ealing, London, W13 9TE.

Ealing Council’s planning application reference was “204456FUL”.

(Image: Ealing Council)

KRONEN have been an approved supplier to Ealing Council for a number of years and worked directly for the Council on this project.

The planning application was supported by KRONEN’s Transport Statement. (N.B. The TS is not on the online case file as site visits and the report preparation was delayed due to term time dates and Coronavirus restrictions.)

Contact KRONEN using either or 020 8541 1139 if your School Additional Resource Provision project requires a Transport Statement.