Success – Approved Application, Transport Statement and Travel Plan in Fulham

In the past few weeks London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s Planning Applications Committee granted permission for the creation of a state-of-the art learning and play centre for disabled children and young people and improvements to an existing school SEN building as follows:

“Erection of a new single storey children’s resource centre (Use Class D1) within Queens Manor School; demolition and enlarged replacement of the existing single storey extension to the listed building currently used as the primary school special education needs (SEN) unit to the listed building with associated alterations to the main school listed building; demolition of part of the listed boundary wall on the Queensmill Road elevation to provide an additional vehicular access; provision of car park to provide parking spaces and other alterations including refurbishment of the Listed wall; and associated landscaping, and internal and external alterations.”

The application site was Queens Manor Primary School, Lysia Street, London, SW6 6ND.

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham planning application reference was 2016/04899/FR3.


The planning application was supported by Kronen Limited’s Transport Statement and Travel Plan.

The Transport Statement was prepared in accordance with web-based best practice guidance resources Department for Communities & Local Government’s National Planning Practice Guidance: Travel plans, transport assessments and statements in decision-taking and Transport for London’s Transport Assessment and included:

  • Assessment of transport sustainability / public and active transport accessibility
  • Assessment of road safety and Personal Injury Accident collision data
  • On-street parking surveys carried out in accordance with the “Lambeth Methodology” (‘Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note‘ (Lambeth Council, 2012))
  • Traffic volume and speed surveys
  • Car parking provisions
  • Cycle and scooter parking provisions
  • Trip projections and trip and parking impacts (based on Travel Plan hands-up surveys)
  • Development Plan policy integration

(All survey work was carried out in-house and was not sub contracted out.)

The proposed centre’s Travel Plan was prepared in accordance with Travel Planning Guidance (TfL, 2013).

Given the sensitivity of the application and school site and the importance of transport to the project’s success, the application’s progress was carefully monitored and detailed discussions were carried out with the project team, LBH&F planning officers and LBH&F transport & highways officers.

All work was delivered on-time and within budget.

For more information on the state-of-the art learning and play centre at Queens Manor School please read London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s press release:

Contact Kronen Limited using either or 020 8541 1139 if your London School project requires similar transport planning consultancy support.