Success – Approved Application and Parking Survey in LB Brent

LB Brent approve a planning application for 6 flats in Sudbury.

The application was supported by Kronen’s Parking Survey report carried out in accordance with the “Lambeth Methodology” (‘Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note‘ (Lambeth Council, 2012)).

The proposal was for 6 flats with reduced off-street parking (due to the physical constraints of the site), accordingly the potential for overspill parking and associated parking impact had to be assessed in the Parking Survey report

The Parking Survey used local Census data and Development Plan policy to justify the 6 flats in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (DCLG, 2012).

LB Brent’s planning reference was 17/4940.

(Image: Don’t Move Extend)

Contact Kronen Limited using either or 020 8541 1139 if your Brent project requires similar Parking Survey support.