Approved Residential Development and Transport Planning Consultant Services in Redbridge

Yesterday London Borough of Redbridge approved new residential developments in South Woodford.

The neighbouring application sites were 214 to 220 Maybank Road and 222 to 228 Maybank Road.

The applications sought 6 × apartments on top of existing buildings.

London Borough of Redbridge’s planning application references were “0881/20” and “0882/20”.

The planning applications were supported by KRONEN Specialist Development Transport Planning consultants Transport Statements.

The Transport Statement reports set out the existing sites, the sites’ accessibility using sustainable transport modes, the adjoining highway network, the proposals, the proposals’ parking and transport impact and integration with planning policy and guidance.

(Image: Bing Maps / OS).

Contact KRONEN using either or 020 8541 1139 if you require transport planning consultant services for a site in Redbridge.