Success – Approved Application and Transport Statement in St Margarets

Recently LB Richmond approved 2 × prior approval planning applications for residential development in St Margarets.

The applications were:

Application “21/1219/GPD15” for “Change of use from offices (B1a) to single dwelling house (C3)”
Application “21/1220/GPD15” for “Change of use of suites 2, 3 and 4 from offices (B1) to 3 one-bedroom single family dwellings”

The site for both applications was 47 St Margarets Grove, Twickenham.

The site currently provides office suites.

The 2 × prior approval planning applications followed a refused prior approval planning application (supported by others).

The previous application had been refused on grounds of retaining a sub standard parking arrangement and thus in planning terms it was considered that the site provided no formal parking.

To overcome this our work for the new application redesigned the internal courtyard using guidance from ICE Car Park Designers Handbook and AutoCAD 2022 Vehicle Tracking.

The Officer’s Report noted:

[Refused application, supported by others] Application reference 16/2053/GPD15 retained the existing informal car parking arrangements that could park approximately 5 cars…

The officers report raised objection to the parking arrangements and refuse stores.

The proposal now seeks to create 4 ,1 bedroom flats, alongside application 21/1219/GPD15. The vehicle access will be retained and the proposed off street parking has been rearranged. It is intended that 3 of the 4 flats will be allocated a parking space on site and one will be car free. The angle of suites 3 and 4 to the rear combined with the narrow central aisle between the 2 rows of spaces lends itself to an angled parking layout, with 70 degree spaces and a 4.7m aisle.

The applicant’s swept path analysis shows that there is space for three vehicles to park in the front parking court subject to the spaces being 70 degrees to the aisle through the centre of the parking court which runs from south to north. The Transport officer has reviewed the details and has raised no objection.”

Our work, presented as a Transport Statement Technical Note, also needed to justify restrained parking (PTAL 2 site) and servicing.

All work was delivered on-time and within budget.

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