Construction Logistics Plans

Has a Local Planning Authority requested that you provide a Construction Logistics Plan?

As a development transport planning practice KRONEN typically prepares outline Construction Logistics Plans prior to an application’s determination or detailed Construction Logistics Plans with a developer’s contractor to discharge planning conditions / legal agreements.

Construction Logistics Plans seek to reduce the impact of a construction project on the surrounding area.

KRONEN prepares Construction Logistics Plans in accordance with the latest guidance for example ‘Construction Logistics Planning Guidance’ (TfL & CLOCS, 2021). 

Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are an important management tool for planners, developers and those working in construction companies. They act as the catalyst for reducing the negative transport effects of construction work on local communities, residents, businesses and the environment.

Alexander Osborn is a qualified / accredited CLOS/ TfL / CILT / SECBE “CLP Practitioner" (CLP Practitioner ID “00329").  

Kronen Construction Logistics Plans consider site-specific issues and constraints, audit on-street and off-street loading facilities, asses construction worker movements and parking, waste requirements, construction, access hours, construction vehicles and routes and recommend safety mitigation measures and booking systems.

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