Delivery Servicing Plans

Has a Local Planning Authority requested that you provide a Delivery Servicing Plan?

Kronen typically prepares Outline Delivery Servicing Plans prior to an application’s determination or Delivery Servicing Plans with a developer / commercial developer to discharge planning conditions / legal agreements.

With a Delivery Servicing Plan an organisation can: save time and money, improve reliability, improve safety and reduce its impact on the environment.

Kronen prepares Delivery Servicing Plans in accordance with the latest guidance for example ‘London Freight Plan‘ (Mayor of London & TfL, 2007) and ‘Delivery and Servicing Plans: Making Freight Work for You’ (TfL, n.d.).

‘Delivery and Servicing Plans: Making Freight Work for You’ an organisation would benefit from implementing a Delivery Servicing Plans as follows (p.5, TfL, n.d.):

“A DSP gives you a framework to make sure that freight vehicle activity to and from your building is working effectively for your organisation.

… Any site that receives deliveries and servicing activity can benefit from a DSP, whether it is small or large, or shared by multiple organisations."

Kronen Delivery Servicing Plans consider site-specific and organisation-specific issues and constraints, audit on-street and off-street loading facilities using site visits and swept path analysis to assess acceptable servicing options and put forward measures such as use of FORS suppliers, consolidated deliveries and booking systems to reduce servicing impacts.

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