Parking Survey & Studies

Has a Local Planning Authority asked you for a parking survey?

A Local Planning Authority may advise an applicant that rather than providing a supporting Transport Statement or Transport Assessment some form of concise transport study or survey would be sufficient to support a planning application. This will depend on: the authority and officer, local circumstances, proposed Use Classes, proposed scale / size, access arrangements, off-street parking provisions etc.

On-Street Parking Surveys are common requirements for developments in urban centres with heavily parked streets.

Parking surveys involve: measuring total street parking capacity, providing an electronic street inventory on Ordnance Survey map extract using AutoCAD, surveying actual parking demand at specified times and days, calculating ‘parking stress’ and providing a formal report for submission.

KRONEN carries out parking surveys in accordance with the “Lambeth Methodology” (‘Lambeth Council Parking Survey Guidance Note‘ (Lambeth Council, 2012)) as this is the most established methodology.

(Naturally KRONEN will also refer to other local methodology guidance where appropriate e.g. ‘Residential Parking Survey Methodology Guidance Note’ (Southwark Council, 2013), ‘Merton Transport Residential Parking Survey Methodology’ (Merton Council, 2007), ‘Richmond Parking Survey Methodology’ (LB Richmond upon Thames, unpublished draft) etc.)

Unlike some competitors KRONEN has in-house parking survey capabilities and so does not subcontract this work.

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