Traffic Surveys & Studies

Has a Local Planning Authority asked you for a traffic survey?

A Local Planning Authority may advise an applicant that rather than providing a supporting Transport Statement or Transport Assessment some form of concise transport study or survey would be sufficient to support a planning application. This will depend on: the authority and officer, local circumstances, proposed Use Classes, proposed scale / size, access arrangements, off-street parking provisions etc.

Traffic surveys (traffic speed and / or count surveys) as part of highway access assessments are common requirements for proposals that need to demonstrate safe and suitable access.

Alternatively simple traffic count surveys may be required to assess / monitor trips in and out of an application site or new development.

Kronen has in-house manual and automatic traffic survey capabilities.

Kronen manual traffic count and speed survey capabilities include: classified counts, classified junction turn counts and speed surveys using radar speed meters.

Automatic traffic surveys involve the installation of Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) road side units along with pneumatic tubing etc. Kronen owns and holds stock of all relevant equipment and can therefore accommodate urgent survey work. Kronen has the relevant public liability insurances and survey staff are NHSS/Lantra certified ‘Moving Works Operative’ qualified for ATC installation traffic management.

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